Jaxson's funky lil pig

I received an order for a piggy bank in the midst of the great pumpkin craze, and I wasn't certain I'd be able to get him sent off to PA in time for his mommy's baby shower.  Thankfully, the pumpkin orders subsided and I was able to get this guy finished and shipped with a week to spare!  Here's a picture of Jaxson's crib bedding (Sumersault Geo Brights, available at Target), which I used as inspiration for his piggy:

I love the bright colors and funky modern pattern...wish this was an option when we were choosing neutral bedding for our first born!  Let me just tell you how much I enjoyed making this piggy bank.  I felt like I was doodling, and there was no pressure to make precise, perfect circles.  I started after the kids went to bed, and I finished just in time to watch the premiere of Beavis and Butt-head.  Life is good!  Check little Jaxson out:

Large piggy banks like Jaxson's can be purchased for $25, and medium piggies are available for $15.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook to place an order.

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