Project 52: Week 43

I'm the kind of girl who prefers ripping the band aid off instead of slowly peeling it and prolonging the anxiety (and the pain).  I feel this mentality has transferred over to my parenting, and so far, it's worked out pretty well for me.  I put my babies in their cribs in their own rooms the first night home from the hospital...why bother with the stress of the transition from bassinet to crib?  When I potty trained my oldest, we quit diapers cold turkey (with the exception of naptime and bedtime until she woke up dry for a while).  My latest head first dive was taking Camryn out of her crib and putting her in a big girl bed.  No toddler bed.  No rails.  Just a mattress and box spring on the floor until she's a little bigger and can climb up on a bed with an actual frame.  How did that work out, you ask?

So far, so good!  Up next...potty training (cold turkey, of course)!

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  1. Hi, just stumbled on your blog from Simply Modern Mom today - really love the beddings! Just a quick question.. how old is Camryn? I also have a daughter who's almost too long for her crib but I don't really want the hassle of getting a toddler bed and then throwing it out before buying a big girl bed.. but I'm thinking she might be too small for a big girl bed, she's almost 2 :p

  2. Hello! I am working on a book development project. I am writing a children's book about the transition from crib to "big kid bed." I am looking for photographs to use in my book, and I really like the photo you have posted to your blog of your daughter lying in her bed. I am writing to ask if you would be willing to give me rights to use the photograph in my book. I will need permission to use it for commercial use. Please let me know if you have questions about the content of the book. Thank you!

    Karen Langdon (langdon.karen@gmail.com)