Especially Special

Luckily, the weather has been very mild so far this fall, so the feeling of dread over the Polar Plunge hasn't quite set in yet.  However, it IS time to start thinking about our favorite fundraiser, which means it's time to start raising funds for Special Olympics Virginia!  

As you may remember, my fellow plungers and I come up with a theme for each year's plunge.  Since the beginning of the theme concept, we've done Mardi Gras, Super Bowl, Jersey Shore, and Fancy (can't imagine where that idea came from!).  Here's a peak at last year's costumes:

Fancy Formalwear

Brynn didn't take the plunge, but she was kind enough to model my Fancy flapper headpiece.

While I will not be sharing the theme for Polar Plunge 2012 just yet, I would like to announce that Fancy Fonts will be donating 50 cents of every ornament sold this holiday season to Special Olympics Virginia!  Between what's been sold already and what I have in the works, I'm up to $50 so far!  Think we can get to $100 from ornament sales alone?  If you've already finished your Christmas shopping but still would like to donate or join my Polar Plunge team, go to my secure fundraising page and follow the instructions.  Fancy Fonts is also pleased to announce we will be extending the whole "buy 4 ornaments, get 1 small ornament free" policy through Christmas as well.  Order away and get Fancy for the cause!  

In case you missed the announcement on Facebook on Tuesday, the last day I will ship any holiday orders is Wednesday, December 14th (if you've seen Camryn's behavior as of late, you will completely understand!).  My current turn around time is at least 1 week, so get those shipping orders in ASAP!  Also, the last day I will take any holiday orders is Sunday, December 18th.  My little windows of Fancy time are filling up, so get your orders in soon!

Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook to place an order.  

Project 52: Week 48

During one of Camryn's major meltdowns over God knows what, I looked at Ryan and said, "I don't remember Brynn's terrible two's being THIS terrible!"  Maybe they were and I've just blocked them out, or maybe I simply can't remember because I was pregnant with Camryn when Brynn was 2.  This past week in particular, whether it's due to us traveling for Thanksgiving or just an extra fun case of the Terribles, Camryn has been off her rocker.  She's defiant, loud, moody...and absolutely hilarious.  It's to the point where I want to set up a hidden camera to catch all her antics (and interpretive dance moves) because she stops the second she sees the camera out and asks "Can I see?"  Meghan was able to capture this moment with her camera, which pretty much sums up Camryn right now:

Mind you, as she's looking over my shoulder while I compose this post, Camryn is yelling "MY headband!" at her own picture.  Yup.  

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Where the wild things are

When my friend asked me to do a piggy bank for a little boy who had a zebra striped valance over the window in his bedroom, I got just a little excited.  Ok, a lot excited.  I had been wanting to make a piggy bank that was nothing but zebra stripes, and this was the perfect opportunity to do it.  Thankfully, Michelle trusted my zany zebra idea and let me use her as the guinea pig!  I'm in love with crazy Cole, and apparently I'm not the only one...Rachael loved it so much, she ordered one for herself!  Take a look:

Shortly after I finished Cole's zebra...I mean piggy...my newest Fancy Fanatic Todd asked if I could make an entire piggy bank with a giraffe print.  YES!!!  I learned from the zebra piggy that these animal prints use up way too much of my paint pens, so I wised up and bought some actual paint for the giraffe piggy.  A new endeavor for Fancy Fonts, I give you my first piggy done with paints and an actual paint brush:

Any other animals you want to see in the Fancy Zoo?  Large piggy banks like Cole's and Colton's can be purchased for $25, and medium piggies are available for $15.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook to place an order.


Project 52: Week 47

"Don't you know turkey induces labor?" my doctor told me when I went to the hospital the day after Thanksgiving in 2006.  Hardy har har.  Brynn wasn't due for another nine days, but after a false alarm the day before Thanksgiving and quietly laboring through my turkey and mashed potatoes, I was ready to meet my first born.  So while the world was in a frenzy over Black Friday deals and steals, I was hee-hee-hooing through contractions with nothing on tv but "Saved by the Bell" reruns.  Sorry, but Screech doesn't exactly make for a good focal point when you're in the worst pain of your life...just sayin.

I would say within days of Brynn's birth, I realized that every few years, her birthday would fall on Thanksgiving.  I mustered up what few brain cells this new mom was left with and calculated that 2011 would be the first time Brynn's birthday and Thanksgiving would coincide.  A whiz with numbers, I figured she'd be 5 years old in 2011, and what better way to spend a little girl's fifth birthday than to go to New York and see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?  I made a promise to my little nugget that we would do just that, and I'm happy to report I made good on my promise...which is why I'm a little late with this post.

Such a trooper...up at 5am to take the subway in from Brooklyn

Spongebob was Brynn's favorite balloon 

Kung Fu Panda was mine 

Gotta love the classics...poor Snoopy was a bit weathered and worn! 

Spiderman was pretty impressive 

Psimas self portrait (shhhh...don't tell Ryan he's on here!)

I know I'll never forget celebrating Brynn's 5th birthday in grand fashion...hopefully she doesn't either!  Now I'm wondering if we've set the bar too high for Camryn...

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Fancy Fonts by Brynn Psimas

This weekend, we celebrated Brynn's 5th birthday a little early with her friends and family.  Being that Brynn isn't into princesses and fairies and also has quite a few cousins and friends who are boys, I tried to keep the party theme pretty neutral so everyone would have a good time.  The final decision was pancakes and pajamas!  Brynn was instrumental in the party prep, helping me with everything from goody bag assembly to writing on buffet cards and making brownies.  Love that my girl loves to be Fancy too!  Here are a few pics from the celebration:

The spread (after party goers dug in!) 

Plain pancakes...there were no pumpkin pancakes left whatsoever!

"Bacon and eggs" - pretzel sticks, white chocolate candy melt, yellow M&Ms

Mmmm mmmm good!

The kids all helped illustrate a bedtime story for Brynn...this was the cover.

The birthday girl kept it simple with brownies and ice cream

Pajama party favors - milk, cookies, and slipper socks

We had a blast celebrating our soon-to-be 5 year old!  Thanks to all of Brynn's family and friends who helped make her party so much fun!


Project 52: Week 46

Only six weeks left of 2011???  Jeez Louise!  This has been one of the quickest weeks, with plenty of stuff to do to make the hours and days fly by.  And while my girls have done a great job keeping up with my hectic pace, they certainly enjoyed some down time over the weekend.  The gods of sisterly love must have been shining down upon Brynn and Camryn, because every time I turned around, they were attached at the hip and getting along beautifully.  No pushing, no shoving, and most importantly, no "MINE!"s.  I was even able to acquire photographic evidence that my girls play nicely together sometimes:

I know Brynn gets tired of it occasionally, but I love how Camryn wants to do anything and everything Brynn does.  And I also love that Camryn doesn't have a lollipop in her mouth in a single one of these pictures!  Score one for Mommy!

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Like sands through the hourglass...

If you're a Days of our Lives fan, you might remember how every Christmas, the Hortons get together and trim Alice's Christmas tree.  Looks like the Goldbergs are going to do the same this year (even though they're mostly Jewish!).  There's an ornament representing each member of the immediate family...cute idea, huh?

Grandma Carol, who's always gabbing on the phone

Poppa Phil, soccer coach extraordinaire

Bill, off to the races 

Heidi's butterflies

Handy Billy's tools

Princess Leah's castle

Olivia loves Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba

Michael is a big Jets fan (poor guy...this one should be free!)

Fabulous shopper Annmarie

Sporty little dude Nicholas

Thomas takes after big brother

A pretty ornament for pretty Dayna

For Michel, the music man

And an Ariel angel for the Emery family's guardian angel Jamie

 I won't be worrying about these little suckers breaking during shipping because even though it's not standard Fancy Fonts practice, I get to deliver them in person!  All of the ornaments pictured above are the small size, and prices start at $4.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook to place an order.


Project 52: Week 45

Brynn and I usually get a haircut about every 6 months.  I think we were up to about 8 months this time, so we both got snipped this week.  I paid way too much for my simple shampoo and cut ($54 after tip...I hate to say it, but I think it's time to find a new salon!), so I took Brynn to a far less swanky place for her trim.  Not the greatest haircut she's ever had, but for $6.99, you pay for what you get!  

My very own Rapunzel!

 Holy thick hair, Batman!

Camryn had never seen someone get a haircut before...to say she was puzzled is an understatement! 

Couldn't bring myself to cut more than a couple of inches...can you say hair envy?

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