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It's amazing how much longer being Fancy takes with a dinosaur of a computer!  We had an issue with our hard drive (you know, the one with all of my Fancy Fonts files, photos, and forms), and I had to suffer through the last two weeks using our spare computer to get the job done.  I am incredibly grateful we have a spare computer and my Fancy wasn't brought to a standstill, but man am I glad to have my speed demon of a PC back in action!  Now let's get you all caught up:

First up is a double duty darling...Halloween in front, autumn in the back.  Mom said Emersyn loves animals, so I included a sheep and pig on her pumpkin:

Next, we have an entire patch of pumpkins for some kids, their grandparents, and even their beloved babysitter:

Keegan's mommy greatly overestimated my Fancy abilities and first asked if I could make Optimus Prime, followed by "just the Autobots symbol." After some googling (I have two daughters, ok!), Autobots seemed much more doable!

Lia will have to settle for a witchy little kitty, as her first choice, Jessie from Toy Story, was infinity and beyond my talent!

And for the babysitter extraordinaire:

I seriously can't draw human faces.  Totally suck at it.  Couldn't pull off any Disney princesses, so Michelle will have to settle for Cinderella's pumpkin carriage and fairy godmother's magic wands.

For one set of grandparents:

I like how the names written in spider webs turned out...will most likely use this again!

And for the other set of grandparents:

These were supposed to be Mimi and Grandpa's little nuts with acorns for each kid, but it didn't turn out so well.  On the up side, an idea for an untapped market was born...while Fancy Fonts is a family-friendly business, be on the lookout for Phallic Phonts, coming soon to an x-rated shop near you!

Moving on...I was able to squeeze in a pumpkin for the newest member of our ever-growing family.  We welcomed the newest cousin, Lucas Wesley McIntyre, to the world with a posh pumpkin (and adorable Halloween outfit):

Next up are some pumpkins for a couple, their two girls, their dog, and their favorite ballet studio:

My instructions were for a flying monkey, but girly.  Coming right up!

Here are a couple of pumpkins for the kids of a fellow vendor at this past weekend's Bootique, hosted by Clayton's Creations:

And last but not least, a family pumpkin for the Burroughs:

Phew!  Now that I'm all caught up on pumpkin orders (for now), I can start to tackle some piggy banks and Christmas ornaments that have been on the back burner for a while.  I haven't forgotten about you people!  Small pumpkins are still available for $12, mediums for $18.  Haven't seen a large pumpkin in weeks, so I will no longer be offering those this season.  Many, many thanks to everyone who purchased posh pumpkins this fall (I think the grand total is over 70!)...they were so much fun to make!  

Take advantage of our October special...10% off ornaments when you get your order in before the end of the month!  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook to place an order.  

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