Calling all princesses!

Does your own little princess (or prince) have a birthday coming up?  Below is a sample of the invitations I did for my niece's princess-themed birthday party (click to enlarge):


Picking up steam...

Grads, brides, and babies have kept me quite busy over the past few weeks...and I love it!!!  Ryan's cousin is getting married in July, and I addressed her invitations as a bridal shower gift to her.  Here's how they turned out (click to enlarge):

I forgot to take a picture of them before I gave them back, hence the somewhat beat up appearance of the outer envelope!

Here's a sample of the baby shower invitations I did most recently (click to enlarge):

So cute!  I'm currently working on making my BFF's bridal shower invitations myself and can't wait to post a picture of them.  Let's hope the bride gets her tiny tush in gear and finds some wedding invitations she likes...only 3 1/2 months until her big day!