Double Trouble

I have been fortunate enough to have my babies one at a time, but for those of you who get to double your pleasure, I now have plate and bowl sets for you!  These were so much fun to make, and what's great about them is they can be given as gifts before the babies' genders and/or names are known, and then they can be personalized with names later.  Each set is $15, and comes with one plate, one bowl, and an insert for each.  Additional inserts are $1 each.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com to place an order, and don't forget to visit (and like!) Fancy Fonts by Karen Psimas on Facebook.


Making a list...

Halloween isn't even here yet, so you know what that means...time to start thinking about Christmas!  Given my petite stature, you should definitely make me one of your helper elves this holiday season.  I'm excited to add addressing Christmas cards to my list of unique services this year, and in the spirit of giving, I'm knocking 33% off the regular price!  Hand over your envelopes and I'll address them for only $0.50 each.  Your friends and family will love the outside almost as much as the inside!

Also keep me in mind for the littlest recipients on your gift list this year.  My personalized plate and bowl sets make great gifts for babies and toddlers, and at $15 each, you'll have enough cash left over to buy yourself a really cute holiday sweater.

With posh pumpkins on their way out of season, I will be starting on personalized Christmas ornaments.  I will be offering both glass and ceramic ornaments, which would make great gifts for teachers, bosses, friends, and family.  Prices will vary based on size and type, so check back soon for samples and pricing.  Check out my older posts for product samples and email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com to place an order.


Glamorous Gourds

I didn't expect anyone to order a white pumpkin sight unseen, so I asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to be the guinea pig.  Should have known I can always count on Mom!  The white pumpkin would make a great gift for someone with a fall birthday, or even as a token of thanks for whoever hosts your Thanksgiving feast.  Both white and orange pumpkins are being sold for $10 each.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com to place your order.

I attempted to outline the black lettering in silver on the pumpkin below, and it turned out pretty cool.  For whatever reason, when I tried on other pumpkins, the silver ink bled into the black and looked terrible.  Trying to find a solution because I love the way it looks with the silver.

(About 10 days later)
Maybe I should have just tried a different silver pen?  

Couple's pumpkin above and below


Bowled over

I cannot believe how great the response has been for my plate and bowl sets...one might say I'm bowled over by it all!  Many, many, many thanks to Lesleyanne at Macaroni Kid Virginia Beach for helping me get my name out there by giving away one of my sets as a promotional item.  She told me the set had the most entries out of anything she's given away so far!  Sets are being sold for $15, which includes one plate, one bowl, and one personalized insert for each.  Additional inserts for holidays, seasons, sports, etc. can be purchased for $1 each.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com to place your order.

 I started up a Fancy Fonts page on Facebook, so be sure to check it out and "like" it, of course.  The holidays are quickly approaching, so you may want to think about letting Fancy Fonts cross all of the kids off your list this year.  I found a website that still carries the sets, so I will continue to order them until they shut me down!  Until then, I will be hard at work making plates and bowls for kids from Ithaca, New York all the way to Charleston, South Carolina, and many places in between.  Here are a few more samples of this busy lady's work:


Posh Pumpkins

Just in time for Halloween!  Add personalized pumpkins for the entire family to your Halloween decor.  Choose from either the curly cue or ooey gooey fonts.  Embellishments include a witch's hat (pictured below on Brynn's pumpkin) or a creepy crawly spider (pictured below on Camryn's pumpkin).  Pumpkins are $10 each.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com to place your order.


Chow time!

Below are a few more samples of the personalized plate and bowl sets.  I was only able to order sets with turquoise rims this time around, but as you can see, they can be made girly very easily.  Hopefully my next order won't be all pink, otherwise, only the most confident of baby boys will be able to enjoy them!  E-mail me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com to place an order.


Which do you want first...good news or bad news?

Good news:  I was sooooo excited about the personalized plate and bowl set, and my friend Lesleyanne at Virginia Beach Macaroni Kid (a local e-newsletter for families) even offered to use one as a promotional giveaway item.  The response has been great, and one lucky Macaroni Kid subscriber will walk away with their own set come Monday night.  

Bad news:  Playtex has discontinued the set and I have no idea how much longer I will be able to offer them.  Talk about having the wind taken out of your sails!  I'm going to place an order for as many as I can within the next few days, so please let me know ASAP if you'd like me to reserve one for you.  The sets are being sold for $15, which includes one plate, one bowl, and one personalized insert for each.  Additional inserts can be purchased for $1 each.  These sets make wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and new babies. Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com if you're interested.


Fancy Fonts' New Endeavor

And I thought getting new gel pens was exciting!  Here is a sample of the latest and greatest from Fancy Fonts:

It's an adorable plate and bowl set, personalized for the messy eater in your life.  They're made of durable plastic by Playtex and have been able to withstand Camryn's favorite game of dropping them from our counter-height kitchen chairs to see how many times Mommy will pick them up.  The bottom lid comes off so artwork can be removed before washing.  Microwave and dishwasher safe...bonus!  I have an ever expanding collection of patterns, or feel free to give me your own to personalize.  These sets are being sold at an introductory price of $15.  Extra patterns can be purchased for $1 each, so order one for every season, holiday, or special occasion.  Get 'em while they're cheap!  
*E-mail me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com to place an order*