When did I get this old???

As I post pictures of my little brother's wedding shower invitation and my baby girl's 1st birthday party invitations, I sit here and wonder "When did I get this old???"  My own birthday has come and gone, a mere afterthought to the infinitely more exciting and monumental events going on in the lives of some of my favorite people.  Here's a peek!

Kevin and Meghan's fiesta themed wedding shower invitation

Camryn's 1st Birthday party invitation

The printer didn't have enough of the above invitation to complete my order, but luckily the alternate was just as cute:


Labor of Love

Finally finished the invitations for my bestest friend's bridal shower.  Here's how they turned out (click to enlarge):

While my intentions were to save time AND money by making them myself, I ended up just saving money.  It was time well spent though...it gave me a perfect excuse to sit in front of the tv and watch my Yankees do what they do best...WIN!  Speaking of the Yankees...Derek Jeter, if you're a fan of my blog and you're getting married this year like the tabloids say you are, have you considered having someone address your invitations for you?  I know a great girl...