Project 52: Week 39

We have had some really inconsistent weather lately...hot and humid, rain for days, cool and crisp...all in a week's time.  Because of all the rain, we've had a ridiculous outbreak of mosquitoes that made it impossible to spend those last hot days of the year outside where we belong.  Luckily, we live right down the road from a great little public library, so I took the girls there one day last week to get out of the house for a bit.

There's this great rug in the children's room that has all of the letters of the alphabet as a border.  Brynn likes to play a game where I say a word and she has to leap to the letter that word starts with.  Her little shadow thinks it's a blast too.  There's also a computer in the children's section with all sorts of learning games.  Since we were the only people there, the girls got to spend as much time as they wanted pointing and clicking.  Camryn has the procedure down pat:

After Camryn got some computer time in, we checked out almost every Magic School Bus book the library had on the shelves and headed home with our stash.  Looks like we'll be spending some time there this fall and winter!

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood

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