A real cliffhanger

Hang on to your hats folks...Fancy Fonts is branching out!  Let's just say Camryn received a gift for her birthday that I've used every day since, and every time I use it I think "I can do that!"  So now I'm doing it!  I ordered the supplies today and will show you exactly what I'm talking about when I create a prototype.  Can't stand the suspense?  Here's a hint...those of you with babies and who know people having babies, be excited.  Be very excited!  Stay tuned.


The new phone books are here!

I am as excited about my new gel pens as Navin Johnson was about the new phone books arriving.  Unlike Navin, I was not born a poor black boy, nor did I make up a catchy jingle about a thermos.  

Also, congratulations to Christine and Jodie, who are getting married this weekend (although not to each other!).  Christine was my first customer from craigslist, and Jodie was my first referral from Pearl Taylor, event planner extraordinaire.  Thanks for your business and Happy Wedding, ladies!


Psee Psome Psamples

Thanks to a rainy Sunday and two kids who went to bed without a struggle, I was able to work on a few more samples tonight.  Thanks to those of you whose invitations and announcements are featured below! 

Save the Date

An adorable birth announcement for an adorable baby boy

A cutie pie's 2nd birthday party invitation


Eat, Drink, and Be Married!

My brother's wedding is quickly approaching...it's almost time to send out the rehearsal dinner invitations!  Kind of ironic how the wedding invitation says "Celebrate We Will," and my mom chose a rehearsal dinner invitation that says "Eat, Drink, and Be Married."  Maybe Kevin and Meghan should dance their first dance as husband and wife to a Dave Matthews Band song?