Worth the wait

I had to go to a different craft store last week because the one closest to my house didn't have any piggy banks (shocker!).  The store I ended up going to was a stone's throw from where I used to work, so I decided to stop in and say hello.  It was quite a lucrative visit, as I snagged two piggy bank orders while I was there!  One was for Catalina's leopard print piggy, and the other was for Isabella, who will have no choice but to be the pretty princess of her family...her grandmother Theresa has three boys of her own, and Isabella also has a big brother!  Needless to say, Theresa cannot wait for this little girl to get here!  I wasn't able to find Isabella's bedding anywhere, so I drew inspiration from a pretty Boppy pillow cover on her mom's registry:

Here's my interpretation, using the colors I had available:

So even if it took two generations to get there, congrats to Theresa on her little girl!!!  Large piggy banks like Isabella's can be purchased for $25, while medium piggies are available for $15.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook to place an order.

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