Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!

Never in the history of Fancy Fonts has there ever been a one day sale...until today!!!  It's pretty complicated, so stick with me...just for today, every posh pumpkin is 15% off!  How easy is that?  Basically, you're being rewarded just for having great taste in fall decor.  Posh pumpkins make great gifts for kids, couples, schools, and businesses.  Heck, I can even put a birth announcement on it if you like!  

Stock up for yourself, spread the word to your friends!  I have added lots of new artwork to my Fancy files since last year, so just let me know what kind of design you had in mind when ordering.  Witches, mummies, vampires, Frankenstein...so many options, it's spooky!  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook for ordering and information.

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