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I hope by now all you Fancy Fans out there have either "liked" Macaroni Kid Virginia Beach on Facebook or have become subscribers to their free weekly newsletter about all things family-related.  As a home-based business featured with Macaroni Kid, Fancy Fonts has not only gained scores of Facebook fans, but I've had other home-based businesses show their support of my creative outlet.  Some of these businesses have recently wanted to add a little Fancy to their lives, and I was happy to help!

First up is DivaLicious, who specializes in boutique accessories for girls.  Think tutus and hairbows!  DivaLicious wanted a pumpkin to represent each of her kids:

Next, we have Clayton's Creations, who also specializes in children's hair accessories.  Ms. Clayton wanted a pumpkin full of bows in her business logo's colors, which are black, white, and hot pink:

Pumpkins like those pictured above can be purchased for $12.  Medium and large pumpkins are also available for $18 and $30, respectively.  Don't forget...teachers receive 20% their entire Fancy Fonts purchase through the month of September!  Just tell me where you teach and why you love your job when ordering.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook for ordering and information.  Be sure to check out DivaLicious' and Clayton's Creations' Facebook pages and show them some love too!

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