The DAY that shook the earth

Finally!  I get to share with you my first ever Virginia Earthquake 2011 commemorative piggy bank!  Well, kinda.  A friend of my brother's gave birth to a 9 pound baby boy day of the earthquake...coincidence?  Regardless, the baby's last name is Day, and Dad likes to interject the word "day" wherever it fits...figures of speech, song lyrics, etc.  Fitting that his Facebook photo album featuring the first pictures of baby Liam is titled "The DAY that shook the earth."  Lord knows I love a good pun when I see one!  Immediately upon seeing the photo album, my sister-in-law placed her order for one "day that shook the earth" piggy bank, and I got to work.  The other artwork was inspired by Liam's bedding (Kids Line's "Jungle 1-2-3"):

Large piggy banks like Liam's can be purchased for $25, while medium piggies are available for $15.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message on Facebook to place an order.

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