Autumn in New York

Gotta love moms.  Not only does mine throw business my way, but she does the leg work and actually brings me the pumpkin she wants me to Fancy up!  Thanks, Ma!  
Mom wanted me to make my aunt and uncle a pumpkin much like the one I made her and my dad last year (you may remember, they were guinea pigs for the white pumpkins).  I finished writing the name on the pumpkin, but it didn't seem complete.  So I made a swirly do-hickey underneath.  The pumpkin sat on my counter for a few hours.  I still wasn't satisfied.  So I added some colorful fall leaves and felt much better.  

Now the Tobins are ready for autumn in New York!  Posh pumpkins like the one above can be purchased for $12.  Larger sizes are also available (for a larger price, of course!).  Teachers get 20% off their entire Fancy Fonts purchase through the month of September, so stock up!  Just tell me where you teach and why you love your job upon ordering.  Come back tomorrow for a one day only savings opportunity!  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook for ordering and info.

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