Project 52: Week 37

After doing nothing but run errands with Camryn for the first week Brynn was in school, I decided that Wednesday was going to be a day of all play, no work for me and my baby girl.  It was going to be a hot, sunny day, so why not spend some one on one time at the beach?  The morning started off great...I parked my car at the beach and went for a run among all the gorgeous beach homes.  After I got my sweat on, I quickly changed and got down to the beach for an hour of Mommy-Camryn time.  Maybe 10 minutes after we set up camp, I moved my chair closer to the water to dig a tidal pool for Camryn to splash in.  I look up from digging, and a woman and her son have come to the practically empty beach and plopped their stuff down...a foot away from mine!  See Exhibit A:

My stuff is at the bottom of the picture, hers at the top.  I wouldn't put my stuff down that close to someone I actually went to the beach WITH, let alone a total stranger!  To make matters worse, little Billy decided he was going to take Camryn's beach toys and bury them, one by one.  Camryn had this perplexed look on her face as she repeated "Mine!" over and over again.  And for once, I wasn't mad at her for doing it!  

I was so disappointed that this lady completely barged in on my time with Camryn, but what could I have done?  Really, I'm asking you...what could I have done???  Any suggestions?

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  1. Wow, that's insanely close! Very awkward indeed. Just because you both have kids doesn't mean y'all have to be bffs. I would have moved...far away.