Let's pop the bubbly!  Fancy Fonts is celebrating its 100th order since its inception 18 months ago!  A huge-mongous thank you to my friends and family, who not only have been my best customers, but have helped spread the word about Fancy Fonts to their friends and family as well.  As a token of appreciation for each and every person who has helped me reach the century mark, Fancy Fonts is giving all returning customers 10% off their entire order through the end of the month.  I am overwhelmed by your support, and I hope to continue bringing the Fancy to your life for years to come!  THANK YOU!!!

Another interesting number for Fancy Fonts today was 25...as in I've had orders for 25 pumpkins in the past 21 days!  I have had so much fun with these ghoulish little gourds, and my latest is no exception.  Olivia's mom didn't want anything too scary for her 3 year old's pumpkin, and this devilish little girl's favorite color is pink, so I found an adorable image to use as inspiration for Livy's un-scary pumpkin.  This one ranks somewhere near the top on my list of favorites so far:

Small pumpkins like Olivia's can be purchased for $12, while medium and large pumpkins are available for $18 and $30.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook to place an order.  Thanks again for getting Fancy with me!

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