Update: Piggies for Parkinson's

Thanks to a few people who spread the word to their friends about the great work done by The Melvin Weinstein Parkinson's Foundation, the MWPF Facebook page surpassed 225 likes at warp speed!  I believe they are having more giveaways, so keep checking their Facebook page for details.  I'm so glad MWPF asked me to be a part of their efforts...here's one of three piggies that were part of the giveaway:

Emma's piggy is the medium size (yes, I was able to find some, complete with the essential plugs on the bottom!) and measures about 4 1/2" in length.  If you're bummed you didn't win one through MWPF, this sweet little swine can be purchased for $15.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook to place your order.  

Next on the docket...the Ms. Hoppy I promised Brynn I'd make for her.  Poor thing...she's always watching Mommy get Fancy for everyone else!  

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