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I've never thought of myself as a crafty person before, but lately I've been making gifts for people instead of buying them, so maybe I am a little crafty afterall!  It really comes in handy when I need a last minute gift, much like I did this week for one of Brynn's teachers' birthdays.  Since it didn't seem all that appropriate to give a grown woman an piggy bank or plastic plate set, I went with the newest member of the Fancy Fonts family - Marvelous Magnets!  

Pictured above is a set of 6 large magnets of assorted colors and patterns, which are approximately 1 3/8" wide.

I couldn't resist this cute little Chinese take-out box to wrap the magnets in, and I added a coordinating gift tag for an extra splash of spring color.

Large magnets can be purchased in a set of 6 for $5.  Larger orders (such as favors for parties, showers, etc.) can be arranged as well, and pricing will vary by size of the order.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook to place an order.  Hopefully my girls' naps will last well into the later part of this afternoon, allowing me to work on some mighty minis...marvelous magnets' smaller, schnerkier counterpart.  Check back later to see if I had any luck!

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  1. so cute!!!! can you put photos behind them? Like black and white pics of kids?