From spring fever to spring training

I was recently asked to do a piggy bank for a baby boy born last month.  The parents are huge Philly sports fans, so I was instructed to run with that.  Because the customer is always right, I swallowed my Yankee pride and came up with a Phillies-inspired piggy bank for Zachary.  I would have liked to include the Flyers and Eagles too, but after several failed attempts to get the logos right on paper, I decided to stick with just baseball.  Maybe it's just not in my New York blood to draw those hideous challenging logos afterall.

Note the piggy's grass-covered piggies:

It's a high fly ball...

Zachary's birthday was 2/28/11, so I decided to incorporate that on his piggy bank:

Large piggy banks like Zachary's can be purchased for $25.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook to place an order.

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  1. WOW Karen, this looks great! I love how you did his name. I think I might have to order one. Possibly a Redskins piggy???
    (To answer your question, yes, getting my master's)