Project 52: Week 9

This blog post contains pictures of bright sunshine and flowers in bloom.  May not be suitable for readers living in the northeastern United States.

I spent my college years in upstate New York, where winter lasts from October to April.  You could literally have snow on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  If nothing else, my years in Ithaca taught me this:  MOVE SOUTH!!!  
The weather in the mid-Atlantic region is fantastic.  All four seasons are present and accounted for, only the crappy ones don't stick around as long.  It is only the beginning of March, yet for the past few weeks, my feet have seen about equal time in flip flops as they have in boots.  My girls have rosy cheeks from the sunshine, grass stained knees, and sand in their shoes.  They're playing hopscotch in the driveway, climbing on the jungle gym, riding bikes, and doing all sorts of things that ensure a good night's sleep...for all of us.  Sure, the temperature is back in the 40s today, but the signs of spring are all around us, pushing us through these last few weeks of winter.  Breathe it in!

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood


  1. a daffodil bloomed in our front yard and I just about swooned seeing it :)

    Happy Spring! Yippee :)

  2. I live in PA so it's still winter but we're dreaming of spring. Looks like y'all are having fun in the sun.

  3. Thanks for the warning, but I couldn't help myself I went ahead and read anyway. And now I kinda hate you!!! Not really :) but I am very jealous. We just moved to central Wyoming this year. A gal at play group told me that she could not plant her garden last year until the end of June because they were still having hard frosts at night. I wanted to start bawling!!! It snowed last night. Again. But keep posting these sunny posts, it sure is helping me get through....At least it is warming up somewhere :)