Project 52: Week 11

I usually write and publish my Project 52 post a bit earlier on Wednesdays, but my children were driving me crazy today and I wasn't in the mood to write nice things about them.  There, I said it.  They're in bed now, and I've gone for a run, showered, and had some chocolate, so I think I'm ready to carry on with my intended post.  

Since it is St. Patrick's Day and I'm a good bit Irish (my grandmother's name was Mary Margaret Sullivan, and her sister was Margaret Mary, but that's neither here nor there), let's talk about luck.  One of my best friends had her first child a few years before I did, and I vividly remember how it would bother her when people told her things like "you're so lucky your baby sleeps through the night" and "your child is so well behaved...you're so lucky."  Now I'm a mom and it bothers me too!  Luck has had nothing to do with it, we argue.  We work flippin' hard to get our kids to sleep through the night and behave well in public, just to name a few.  There are days (much like today) when I want to replace myself with a recording because it's easier than repeating the same thing to my children over and over again.  And there are days (much like today) when my husband gets home from work and I'm like the Flash running out the door for a breather.  And as insane as they made me today, I know I will go to Brynn's parent/teacher conference tomorrow and be told she is a great kid.  Lucky me.

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood


  1. First off I'm so impressed that you run and shower after getting your kiddos in bed. I usually just pass out from exhaustion. You're right there's no luck in parenting just hard work. There are days when I feel like my toddler's will is stronger than mine and I just want to give in. We all have days like that.

  2. Your daughters hair is beautiful. Really, I want her hair. :)

  3. @Angee - we must have been that strong willed at some point, so what happened, right???
    @Kimberlee - no kidding! But looking at your profile pic, I think you already have her hair. And I just noticed your daughter's name is Brynlee...mine is Brynn, and I often get asked if it's short for something (like Brynlee). Nope, just Brynn!