Piggies for Parkinson's

Want to win a personalized piggy bank from Fancy Fonts, much like the one pictured below? 

 While you're getting Fancy on Facebook, head over to The Melvin Weinstein Parkinson's Foundation's page and click "like."  Then tell your friends to do the same, posting on the wall who referred you to the site.  The 225th person to "like" the MWPF page will win a personalized piggy bank from yours truly, and so will the person who referred the 225th person! 

 Just a little background info...this organization was started by a Virginia Beach native whose grandfather was afflicted with Parkinson's disease (PD).  Until there's a cure for this debilitating neurological disease, MWPF is helping PD patients nationwide cover the extraordinary costs of prescriptions, medical devices, home modifications, and more.  Every penny given to this foundation goes straight to PD patients...kinda hard not to like them, huh?

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