Project 52: Week 12

What a fun weekend!  The Psimas family represented well at three different Shamrock races - Ryan set a PR for the 8K because he runs like a gazelle, Brynn ran in her first race ever (the 26.2 yard Children's Marathon), and I completed my first (and quite possibly my last!) half marathon.  Ryan and I both ran faster than the goals we set, and we're so proud of Brynn for being a really good sport.  Hopefully we'll get Camryn in her first race next year!  Couldn't have a fun Shamrock weekend without getting a little Fancy:

 The girls held up a Fancy sign that read "our daddy is FASTER than yours!"

Mommy Fancied up Brynn's race bib and t-shirt (not pictured) 

Proud papa (if you love me, you won't tell him his picture is on here!)

Final mile of the half marathon...nothing fancy about it, just didn't want to be left out of my own blog post!

It's awesome living in such a family-friendly city and being able to do all of these fun things together.  That being said, Happy Spring...time to pump up the tires on the ol' beach cruisers!

If you'd like to participate in your own Project 52:  Glimpse Into Motherhood, click on the link below:

Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood


  1. Ohhh - I love this! I cannot wait to dust off my sneakers once this pregnancy is over! you guys look awesome, and I love that you got Brynn involved! What a great way to instill good health and the importance of exercise early on!

  2. Great family post! Love the Fancy fonts sign! Ha!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! So awesome that you ran a half marathon. And you look plenty crafty to me, the magnets are adorable!