Two down...

One more to go for this trio of piggies to be complete.  My goal is to create products that last, and ideally have them be keepsakes for their recipients.  With that in mind, I try to design them to be ageless, meaning parents can appreciate receiving them as gifts for their babies, but when those babies grow up, they'll still dig it.  

I find this goal to be a challenge when it comes to choosing a font for a baby boy's gift.  How do I make it boyish without being too babyish?  I think I came up with a good one for Carson's sports themed piggy:

Pretty simple design, and I think the font is my favorite feature on this guy.  The Carson font is a keeper!  I found another great font for the last of the three piggies in this particular order, and I can hardly wait until the girls' bedtime to get started on it.  Maybe an early dinner and a dvd is in order...

Medium piggy banks like Carson's are available for $15, while large piggies can be purchased for $25.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook for ordering and product information.  

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