I got a feevah, and the only prescription is more Fancy!

Trying not to let feeling yucky affect my Fancy.  While one child was napping and the other was "napping," I got horizontal on the couch and watched quite a few episodes of "Color Splash."  I loooooove me some David Bromsted, and I think he gave me some motivation to get up and get Fancy.  

I finally finished, framed, and hung the collages for Camryn's big girl room, and I'm so pleased with how they turned out.  I'm even more pleased that the frames I got at Michaels matched the frame I got five years ago and was hoping to use!  Brynn must have heard the snip, snip of the scissors, so I gave her her own paper, scissors, and glue and she worked right beside me.  Here's how my cut and paste turned out (please excuse the sub-par photography...I was balancing on a step stool with two sets of sticky hands pawing at me while trying to duck down to eliminate glares and reflections!):

Jellyfish and starfish, big and small

C is for crab...and Camryn!

Turtle?  Tortoise?  

All three, lined up in a row.  Most likely not in their final destination, but this is where I had three nails, so I went with it!  

This was a really fun project, and I look forward to making a few for Brynn's room as well (naturally, she has requested a blue fish...not a bluefish, but a blue fish).  I was thinking more along the lines of a mermaid.  We'll see who wins this one.  For now, I'm hoping that seeing these pictures hanging in Camryn's room will take the sting out of her nursery (and my time as a baby mama) being gone.

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