So sweet

My sweet Camryn turns 2 tomorrow, but we celebrated her birthday yesterday on the beach with family and a few friends.  Camryn demands enjoys a lollipop whether it's 7am or 7pm, so the theme for her party was clear from the beginning:

I was inspired by a similar invitation from The TomKat Studio on Etsy and got to work using supplies I already had in my big bag of Fancy.  I thought about buying cellophane lollipop bags to put the invitations in, but plastic wrap from my kitchen looked just as cute and was way more free. 

You simply cannot have a lollipop themed party without cake pops!  The girls helped a little:

And then they did some quality assurance before the dipping process began:

With a little bit of inventiveness from Ryan, we used this cute bucket as a serving piece for the pops and stuck the invitation in front to tie it all together:

I used a scaled down version of the invitation to create tags for the big swirl lollipops I used as party favors.  I had intended to tie the tags around the lollipop stick, but decided to tape them to the lollipop like a label instead.  When we got to the beach, we simply filled a bucket with sand and stuck the lollipops right in it to make a fun display (sorry, didn't get a close up shot, but the lollipops are on the left):

Camryn saw her guests leaving with the lollipops and got a little worried, so we let her have hers a little early.  It is her birthday party after all!

What could be better than sharing a giant lollipop on the beach with your big sister?

Easy...being these girls' mommy!  Happy Birthday, Camryn!

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