Fancy flowers

I had every aspiration to Fancy up a piggy bank tonight after the girls went to bed, but it would end up looking like a 1st grader's creation if I did.  I woke up not knowing what to do today.  It was a little too cool for the beach, yet way too nice to tackle the mess inside my house, so the girls and I took a trip to Home Depot and stocked up on some plants for the front yard.  We came home with a flat of petunias for around the mailbox, and two flats of impatiens for under the tree out front.  When all was said and done, 96 flowers were placed into 96 holes dug by yours truly.  Even though I had a hard time clenching my fist when I was done, my pretty new flowers made the hedges along our walkway look even more obnoxious, so I trimmed those too.  It was my first time using the electric hedge clippers, and even the lizard who lives in said hedges came out as if to say, "You're new.  Where's the other guy?"  Ryan came home from helping some neighbors and finished up the job by trimming some other bushes and mowing the lawn. I'm so proud of my Fancy work (because a green thumb I am NOT), and I know that unlike a clean house, my flowers will be pretty for more than an hour.

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