Project 52: Week 20

Some friends of ours invited us to go strawberry picking this past weekend, and I was reminded of the last time we went...it was Mother's Day weekend, two years ago, and it was a hot, sticky day after a night of downpours.  The strawberry plants were practically underwater, but Brynn had a blast splashing in puddles and filling her basket.  I vividly remember her little pink sundress and pigtails bouncing right along with every jump.  Wouldn't you know that very pink sundress was hanging in Camryn's closet Sunday morning?  Throw in some little blonde pigtails and it's deja vu all over again.  

**After experiencing ridiculously frustrating technical difficulties trying to get these pictures side by side with captions underneath, this was the best I could do.  Brynn (in 2009) is on the left, Camryn (in 2011) on the right.** 

And for good measure:

Check back in another two years to see if I manage to put Camryn in Brynn's blue dress for strawberry picking! 

Quite literally, the fruits of our labor

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood


  1. So cute!! , I have been trying to get strawberry picking for a couple of weeks now, but keeps falling through. Glad you got to go! I will need to send You the HTML code I found for tables with photos...it has made my life much easier for wide by side photos :)

  2. I love that they both wore the same dress. So sweet. Our strawberry fields will be ready in a week and I can't wait. I imagine Olivia will be eating a ton of them while we're there.

  3. Beautiful pictures! The one of the girls' heads together is perfect!

    I have twin daughters, one of whom is named Brynne--great name :)