Project 52: Week 18

I'm a firm believer in life being what you make of it.  Think positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive people, and positive things happen to you and for you.  We don't always get to choose what comes our way, but we do choose how we react to it.  I know full well that sometimes when my girls are acting up, it's because of the stressed out vibes they're getting from me.  The more laid back I am, the more laid back they are.  To some extent, I think my awareness of this concept helps us have more good days than bad around here.  And sometimes, the stars align just right and we have a really great day.  I don't question it...I just enjoy the heck out of it, most of the time from a small distance with camera in hand.

If you don't have one of these water tables yet, GET ONE!!!  I can cook and clean while keeping an eye on them just outside the back door.  Throw some towels on the kitchen floor and bring it inside during the winter, too! 

I can't get enough of their little bikini bods! 

 Brynn played with some plastic animals while Camryn was content just filling her cup and dumping it out.

Dining al fresco 

Camryn would most likely swat at me if I tried to feed her, but she thinks it's great when Brynn helps out. 

Happy kids = happy Mommy (not a bad picture considering the 4 year old photographer!) 

Cam wasn't feeling the group shot and wanted "DOWWWWN!" 

"B!  Puuuuush!" 

World champion slider 

 Camryn's new trick...abs of steel on that kid!

Love that smile! 

"Wing, wing!"

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  1. Your little girls are gorgeous! Love those big blue eyes!