Fancy in the making

My big girl is finishing her first year of pre-school this week, so while I'm dreading having to complete all of my errands with TWO tiny tirants in tow, I was also trying to figure out how show our thanks to Brynn's teachers for a wonderful year.  I wanted to be a little more personal than a gift card, but a lot more practical than a scented candle or potpourri. I know Brynn's teachers have kids of their own they'll have to keep with all summer, so why not lend a hand with a little caffeine?
I found these travel mugs that have paper inserts so you can personalize with artwork, etc., and thought it would be cute if Brynn Fancied them up herself.  I Fancied one for each of them myself for the sake of variety, but I think Brynn's turned out way better.  I scored some coffee made with unsweetened cocoa and dark chocolate caramel wedges at Trader Joe's to complete the gift.

Brynn's Fancywork

Mommy's Fancywork - Brynn always reminds me that Ms. Michelle likes green and Ms. Dottie likes blue, so naturally their gifts must reflect this.  Of course each teacher will get her own coffee and chocolates, but for the sake of the appearance of this photo, only one of each was used.

Brynn and I were on a Fancy tear early this afternoon.  Not only did she help create gifts for her teachers, but she made a get well card for our neighbor, who had the pleasure of having her wisdom teeth removed today.  Handmade, hand written, hand delivered.  Such a thoughtful girl!  

It's nice to know I'll be leaving Fancy Fonts in capable hands some day :)

Plenty of Fancy work to do this week.  Next on the docket - personalizing beach pails for an awesome kid's birthday party, and place cards for a local couple's wedding in Brooklyn.  Plenty of trash tv to sit and watch while I work...yay!

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