Project 52: Week 21

Yesterday was a baaaaad day.  I was able to drop Thing 1 off at school and run one simple errand with Thing 2, all relatively pain free (probably because I bought a new stash of Dum Dums along the way).  Things started to get a little hairy when we got home.  All I had to do was throw Brynn's teachers' presents in gift bags and whip up two gift tags, and I had an hour and 45 minutes to do it before Brynn had to be picked up from school.  While I'm pretty good at getting things done one handed while holding 22 lbs. of Camryn in the other, let's just say I was rushing to get out the door to pick Brynn up on time.  Ridiculous.  The laundry waiting to be folded would have to wait a little longer.  This is probably the most frustrating thing about motherhood, if you ask me...tasks taking 16 times longer than they should to complete because of endless interruptions.  

We made it to school, gave Brynn's teachers their presents, and headed home.  And things got hairier.  The mail truck in front of the car in front of me stops somewhat suddenly at a mailbox along the road, causing the car in front of me to stop suddenly, causing me to stop suddenly, causing the car behind me to rear end me and knock me into the car in front of me.  Awesome.  My car is a tank and my kids' carseats are properly installed, so we were all physically fine after the very low speed crash.  No one else was hurt, and my car is drivable.  I even made $65 by completing a survey for a traffic safety research team that was riding with the cops who responded to the accident.  I entertained thoughts of getting a lottery ticket at some point during the day.  We continued our journey home.

Pulled into the driveway and helped a bikini-clad Brynn out of the car (they had a water play day at school).  Her body was scorching hot.  While it was 90 degrees yesterday and we had to sit in the car for about an hour until the police said we were free to go, the a/c was on and the kids were kept cool.  Camryn had a fever over the weekend, so I took Brynn's temperature as soon as we got inside.  103.8.  More awesome.  Gave her some meds, put her and her sister down for their naps, and got on the phone with the insurance company.  The laundry would have to wait.

Brynn's nap was brief, and her fever hadn't really come down much.  It was too soon to give her more medicine, so I put Tangled on for her and sat beside her on the couch,  holding cold washcloths on her forehead and body.  We were interrupted by a line of strong storms coming through the area, so I huddled both kids close to me and kept an eye on the sky, just in case we had to take cover in an interior closet.  We made out better than a lot of people around here...we had nothing to show but some patio furniture blown across the deck and a bunch of sticks and twigs to clean up in the yard.  People nearby had trees crash through their roofs.  Still considering that lottery ticket.

With crisis averted and husband now safely home from work, maybe I could make some dinner.  About 30 seconds into that task, Brynn proceeds to vomit all over the floor not once, but twice.  So very awesome.  Her fever was still near 104, so I gave Daddy the dirty deed of putting Brynn in a cool bath for a few minutes.    Come on, I can't always be the bad guy!  The bath brought the fever down to a less scary 102, and it was finally time to give her another dose of meds and put her to bed.  Maybe I'd get to the laundry tonight afterall.

I realized I still had some Fancy Fonts work to do, so I put off the laundry a little longer to work on that instead.  By 10pm, I was pooped and knew I was in for a long night and still planned to do my early morning workout, so I went to bed.  The laundry has waited this long, what's another night in a pile?  

I spent most of the morning hanging out with the girls, and anytime it seemed they were self-entertained, I would try to sneak away and do something productive.  Anything productive.  But as you probably know, kids are born with radars that allow them to detect when you're trying to get something done, so I gave up trying.  Between a visit from my mom and another day of minuscule naps from my children, this blog post might be the only thing I accomplish today.  And I'm going to have to be ok with that.  Even though I've accomplished nothing today, we survived yesterday's calamity of events with our health, our home, and our car all in tact, for the most part.  As for the laundry,

it remains in a pile on the couch (all of the hampers currently have clean laundry in them, waiting to be put away).

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