Sibling rivalry

Fancy Fonts is thankful for jealous siblings!  I've made a few piggy banks for kids whose moms have come back to me and said their other child was quite jealous of his or her sibling's posh piggy.  Keep tugging on those heartstrings, kids...you're keeping me in business!  
Case in point, a friend of mine gave a piggy bank as a baby shower gift a few months ago (you may remember Charlie, the preppy little piggy with blue whales all over him), and she ordered another for Charlie's brother for his birthday because their mother said he was jealous.  Works for me!  Plus, I got to make another pirate piggy for another Captain Jack, this time a slightly smaller version.


Ahoy, matey! 

I try to make every piggy bank a little different, so I changed up the placement of the items on the treasure map, and wrote the child's name on the right side instead of the usual left.  Wild, I know.

The smaller size of the medium piggy let me use the pirate font I was too scared to try on the large piggy for Jackson.  Add a few doubloons and you've got a real swashbuckler of a piggy bank!

Medium piggy banks like Jack's can be purchased for $15, while large banks are available for $25.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook.  

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