Project 52: Week 17

I subscribe to a fantastic newsletter that lists just about every family activity in the area for the entire week, provides safety and recall information, and has fun giveaways every week.  I just happened to be the lucky winner of this week's giveaway, which was for 2 VIP shopping passes to a huge kids' consigment sale.  Being the VIP that I am, I got to go the night before the sale opened to the crazies general public and get first dibs on the good stuff.  I grabbed my fellow thrifty mommy, left all the kids with the dads, and went bargain hunting.  
While most of the really good stuff was for the itty bitty babies that I sadly no longer have, I managed to find an adorable sundress for each of my girls, along with galoshes Brynn has been begging me for months for.  I also found two great toys I knew my kids would go nuts over (as if we needed more crap in this house!).  It was hard to resist pulling both of the toys out right away, but I gave them one this morning and will save the other as a reward for another day's worth of good behavior.  These toys are no top of the line video game or iPod Touch that I see other people giving their toddlers, but thankfully my girls are still thrilled by the little things in life (like a $3 car ramp) and I'm thrilled to watch them play together while still having some cash left over to take them out for ice cream.

If you'd like to participate in your own Project 52:  Glimpse Into Motherhood, click on the link below:

Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood


  1. I says a lot about you as a mom when your child can play with a rubberized bunny with no arms or ears for hours, DAYS even! Oh how I miss Baker Bunny already! Good job bargain shopping my friend!

  2. We went to a consignment sale yesterday. I got a tunnel for $3 and my toddler played with it for hours. Love a good sale!

  3. Oh how I love a consignment sale. Like really, really love. Lucky you on the VIP pass.

  4. That is a great giveaway. Nothing like a steal... I mean deal!
    ~Kimberlee, www.TheSpunkyDiva.com