Hog wild

You people are Fancy!!!  I've had quite a few piggy banks in the works to start off the new year, and a few really challenged my artistic abilities.  First up, we have a piggy for the family I babysit for, who wanted a fun way to start saving for a trip to Disneyworld:

I really wanted to use the Walt Disney font, and was worried I wouldn't do it justice, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out:

And you probably know by now that I am the worst at drawing faces, so I stuck with a basic silhouette of Mickey and Minnie:

Maybe the Joneses will save enough to invite us along?

Next up is a tried and true Batman piggy for Zachary.  I made a piggy for Zachary's new baby sister a few months ago, and his Nana promised he'd get one of his own as well.  Jealousy among siblings bodes well for business!

Last we have a piggy I knew would challenge me.  Kimberly wanted a Super Mario Brothers piggy bank for her nephew, and I was a bit terrified because I knew I'd have to draw a face somewhere on this piggy!  I sat down with a glass of wine (I swear it helps me relax and get the creative juices flowing!) and a print out of some SMB characters.  While staring at the pictures and trying to figure out how to arrange the characters on the piggy, I was slapped in the face with my favorite idea yet:

He makes me giggle!

Even with my limited knowledge of video games, I realize Sonic isn't a SMB character, but it's one of Kyler's favorites, so he gets prime real estate on this piggy bank. 

Yoshi is another of Kyler's favorites, so he gets a prime location as well.  

All of the piggy banks above are the large size, and can be purchased for $25.  Medium piggies are also available for $15.  Find me on Facebook or email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com with questions and orders.  Don't forget...new customers get 20% off their first Fancy Fonts purchase through the end of January (which is this Tuesday!), so get your orders in, newbies!  And remember that with every order placed between now and the Polar Plunge on February 4th, Fancy Fonts will donate $1 to Special Olympics Virginia.  Freezingly Fancy!  

Now that the old school Super Mario Brothers theme song is stuck in my head, I'm off to enjoy some very Fancy pancakes, courtesy of the hubster!

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