Fancy, interrupted

Before Brynn's Christmas break started, my goal for the week off was to come up with at least one great new product to offer my Fancy fans.  Then Santa (and Grandmas) came and filled my already disastrous playroom with more crap toys than that poor little room could accommodate as it was.  It was overwhelming and stressing me out, drying up whatever creative juices I had left.  The good news is, while searching Pinterest for ways to organize our playroom, I found a few ideas that could turn into new Fancy products.  Bear with me...it might take a few more days to go from FEMA to Fancy!

I don't have any before pictures of the messy playroom, but it was atrocious.  It was all room, no play.  It wasn't quite as bad as my new neighbor's garage across the street, but it was bad.

I saw an idea on Pinterest that had two taller bookshelves flanking a storage bench and was inspired.  Needing a break from potty training the fiestiest little pipsqueak you'll ever meet, I ran out to two thrift stores nearby as soon as Ryan came home from work.  While I struck out at the first, I found the definition of "one man's trash is another man's treasure" at the next:

$20, baby!!!  I had a vision for my playroom, and it included this gem and some white paint we already had in our garage.  Once Miss Pee Pee Pants went down for her nap, I got to painting.  What do you think?

With Kevin and Meghan moving into a bigger house, I was able to offload the green couch that was taking up valuable space in the playroom.  Once that was gone, my pretty white bookshelf moved in, and the transformation began:

While I don't have a second bookshelf to put on the other side of the toy box, this configuration is perfect for that space and I might just leave it as is.  I would still like some more shelving and a colorful area rug, but I am thrilled with how the room is shaping up so far:

Once Ryan and the girls allow me to get rid of the cardboard shantytown on the right (or at least some of it), I have aspirations of making a little workstation on that wall.  One step at a time!

I'm also busy admiring some Fancy things I got for Christmas this year:

Afghan made by my mom, pillow from my in-laws.  Go team!

Haylie found this on Pinterest and brought it to life:

And if you've witnessed the potty training fiasco I've lived through this week, you'll know it won't take long to fill that baby up with corks!

I also intend to accompany Meghan on many trips to TJ Maxx and the like to help her Fancy up her new house.  They've had their eye on it for quite some time now, and they finally started moving in yesterday.  The doormat speaks for itself:

So stay tuned, and hopefully I'll have some exciting new product news before too long.  

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