Project 52: Week 2 - The Apprentice

As much as I enjoyed it when both of my kids took naps at the same time, it's awesome to have some one on one time with Brynn without Camryn around, stealing the show.  I try to get some Fancy things done while Camryn sleeps, and typically I give Brynn a project of her own to work on that goes along with what I'm doing.  Today was a Fancy Fonts first...I let Brynn actually work on my project with me this time!  I figured it would be hard for a 5 year old to mess up painting a wooden heart, so I gave her a brush and some paint and let her have at it:

I love her serious little face!  She did a great job, and was quite proud of herself.  But it's never all work and no play around here..."Pumped Up Kicks" came on Pandora and Brynn had to stop and take a dance break:

Not really sure what this move was, but I enjoyed it!  Brynn can be a tough critic when it comes to my mothering skills, but today she told me she thinks I'm the "best arter ever."  As long as she thinks so...

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