Legitimately Fancy

In case you missed it, earlier this week I announced that Fancy Fonts is now a legit business, with me obtaining a business license on Thursday.  I still can't believe what started with addressing envelopes has turned into a full blown business of all things Fancy.  I am ever so grateful to my friends and family, who have supported me by being loyal customers, cheerleaders, and think tanks.  They've challenged my artistic skills and continue to make me dig deep and see what I'm made of.  Here are a few things I've been working on this week - some are old favorites, others are the new kids on the block.

 First up are a few plate sets for some of the cutest kids you ever did see.  They belong to my friend Ali, who I've been friends with since middle school.  She has a super cute, super fun little girl named Charlotte, and now she's got twin baby boys, too!  

Plate set includes one plate, one bowl, one insert for each - $15

While Ali's twins were in the womb, I lovingly referred to them as Beavis and Butt-head, and thought it was only fitting they received a plate set to reflect this:

I did make Beavis (Jackson) and Butt-head (Logan) inserts with their actual names on them, but forgot to photograph them before I sent them off to Scahhhhhsdale.  Trust me when I say they were very Fancy.

I finally got around to finishing Rachael's zebra piggy and sending her off to the northeast this week.  I was pleased to be informed she made it up there in one piece...good thing, because she is one of my favorites:

Large piggy bank - $25
Now for the newbies.  I had quite a few orders for conversation heart wall hangings when I introduced them, and here are a couple of the finished products:

 Three 5" hearts - $18

Five 4" hearts - $25

Another new product was inspired by my friend Lori's work at Peas 'n Carrots Embroidered Gifts.  Lori made name signs for my girls' bedroom doors, and because we have since changed out Camryn's bumblebee themed nursery for her fishy themed big girl room, she needed a new sign for her door.  First, the room:

And now the sign:

6 inch room sign - $7.50

I've been working on a little something new for 2012 this week as well.  I've been seeing these wooden wall plaques with quotes or initials or names or what-have-you everywhere, and I think they're such a great way to add some color and personality to one's home.  They're still a work in progress for me, as I'm learning to be Fancy with a paint brush as opposed to a pen, but I think I'll get there with some practice:

I love this quote (and this color!), and I know exactly where this will be hung in my house once I'm pleased with the final product.  I think the conversation hearts were a gateway to a number of new Fancy products, so stay tuned to see what gets Fancied next, and keep the suggestions coming!

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