Project 52: Week 44

Halloween was another one of those times when I just wanted to soak in every moment, as I know my kids will be completely different people come next Halloween.  For whatever reason, Brynn didn't really want to wear the costume I got for her (on October 28th for $5 off Craigslist...winning!), but she eventually warmed up to it and wants to wear it again next year.  I used Brynn's pirate costume from two years ago for Camryn (another $5 Craigslist find...now you all know my M.O.), and she didn't want to wear the eye patch or the hat.  Luckily, her costume included her two favorite clothing items...leggings and her black shoes.

Yes, that's Camryn with a lollipop in her mouth before we even started trick or treating.  

The girls did a great job walking around the neighborhood, and we brought the wagon for back up when their little legs tired out before their Halloween spirit did.  Brynn's shyness of last year gave way to the trick or treating confidence of a veteran, and Camryn made me weak every time she got to a neighbor's doorstep and said "Bick er beat!"  Much like their Halloween candy, I just wanted to gobble these kids up that night! 

If you look up "sugar high" in the dictionary, you might find this picture.

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