Fancy Fonts by Brynn Psimas

This weekend, we celebrated Brynn's 5th birthday a little early with her friends and family.  Being that Brynn isn't into princesses and fairies and also has quite a few cousins and friends who are boys, I tried to keep the party theme pretty neutral so everyone would have a good time.  The final decision was pancakes and pajamas!  Brynn was instrumental in the party prep, helping me with everything from goody bag assembly to writing on buffet cards and making brownies.  Love that my girl loves to be Fancy too!  Here are a few pics from the celebration:

The spread (after party goers dug in!) 

Plain pancakes...there were no pumpkin pancakes left whatsoever!

"Bacon and eggs" - pretzel sticks, white chocolate candy melt, yellow M&Ms

Mmmm mmmm good!

The kids all helped illustrate a bedtime story for Brynn...this was the cover.

The birthday girl kept it simple with brownies and ice cream

Pajama party favors - milk, cookies, and slipper socks

We had a blast celebrating our soon-to-be 5 year old!  Thanks to all of Brynn's family and friends who helped make her party so much fun!

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