Playing catch up

Between trying to catch up on non-pumpkin orders that were placed in the height of the great pumpkin craze, going on a massive purge of toys and clothes from my house,  and my husband being out of town all week, blogging has been way down low on my list of priorities.  Let's catch up, shall we?

I'll start with this cute little sock monkey plate and bowl set, only because I've got a little bonus for you if you order one by 5pm today!  This one is for Jaxson, who recently received that bright, colorful piggy bank from an earlier post.  He's going to be one Fancy little boy!

Got a hungry little monkey who'd love their own set?  They make great gifts for babies and little ones...my almost 5 year old and 2 year old use theirs daily!  Available colors include royal blue, red, lime green (above), pink, purple, and turquoise.  I use scrapbook paper for the inserts, so the possibilities are endless!  Sets are $15, and include one plate, one bowl, and one insert for each.  Additional inserts can be purchased for $1 each.  Order by 5pm and I'll throw in a bonus holiday insert for the plate and bowl for free!  Check out the plate set photo album on Facebook for more samples.

Next up are three little pigs.  Well, they're technically large piggy banks, but you know what I mean!  Each piggy bank below is the large size, which are available for $25 (mediums can be purchased for $15).  The first piggy is for Corianna, the daughter of one of my college friends.  Corianna will have to wait for Santa to come before she sees her princess piggy, but you all get a sneak peek:

The next little piggy is for someone who wanted to pay the Fancy forward...Todd and Colleen loved their son Liam's piggy so much, they ordered one for a friend's baby girl.  Lilly's piggy was inspired by her oh-so-cute crib bedding - Pottery Barn Kids' "Emerson":

 This was my first time using a script font for a piggy...I like it!

Next up is a pspecial pswine for a pspecial Psimas kid...our nephew, Rowan!  Mom texted me a picture of his beloved "Puppy" and wanted me to incorporate him into Rowan's piggy, complete with paw prints and a dog house.  Here you go, Ro Ro!

And last but not least, we have some ornaments for some kooky Canadian kids...we're just spreading the Fancy all over North America!  All of the ornaments below are the large size, with prices starting at $10.  Smaller sizes are available, with prices starting at $4.  Check out the Christmas ornament photo album on Facebook for other samples.

 part 1 of Charlot's

part 2 of Charlot's

Don't forget about November's High Five special...get a small ornament free with every five you purchase, AND receive 5% off ALL Fancy Fonts orders placed by Thanksgiving Day, November 24th.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook to place an order.  Thank you all for letting me bring a little Fancy to your holidays this year! 

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