Project 52: Week 13 - Roll with the changes

In my 5+ years of being a mother, I've learned that transitions are tough on kids.  Transitioning from playtime to bedtime is tough on them.  Transitioning from diapers to undies is tough on them.  Transitioning from three hour long afternoon naps to not a wink of sleep during the day is tough on them.  I felt somewhat prepared for certain transitions to be hard on my kids, but I did not expect them to be just as hard on me!  

It seems like overnight, I have two full blown kids.  Kids with friends and feelings, activities and attitudes.  Gone are my babies and the eat-play-sleep routine I have come to love and trust.  Feed them, wear them out, enjoy their naptime is how my days have gone for years.  And now it appears to be a thing of the past.  At first I fought it with everything I had, but this week, I threw up the white flag and surrendered to the tiny tyrant known as Camryn Jane Psimas.  Fine kid, you don't need a nap.  But buckle up, sister, cuz I'm running you into the ground!  

Any good day starts with a Target run, complete with a big soft pretzel to share and something fun from the dollar spot.  This day's pick was matching purple sunglasses.   I'm pretty sure they were working on their gang signs while waiting at the drive thru at the bank:

We stopped back at home just long enough to pack up some lunch for a picnic at the park up the street.  Brynn still gets a kick out of sitting in the baby swings, and I have to admit, I think I'll be a little sad when she's too big to fit into them:

There isn't much I love more than when these girls laugh together.  They spend a lot of time fighting over toys and elbow room at the bathroom sink these days, so I try to catch as many of these sweet moments as I can with my camera:

Two sweet moments captured on film within the same hour?  Winning!

Now that my afternoons aren't being spent under house arrest, who wants to play???

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