Project 52: Week 11 - "Is Florida that way?"

"Goodbye, see ya later, don't be sad."  ~the gang from Yo Gabba Gabba

It's been about 8 1/2 years since I packed up my life in my little Rav4 and moved from the place I was born and raised to the place I am now raising my own kids.  Until tonight, that was the last time I had to say goodbye to people I adore.  And I liked it that way.  

Our neighbors left for their new home in Florida tonight, and while I've put on a brave face for them the past few weeks, I'm crushed and literally wiping away tears as I type this.  Korrin, Sean, and Ayden are such a remarkable little family, and we've been so lucky to have them a few doors down from us for the past four years.  It isn't all that often that I meet people I really, really click with, so it was pretty heart wrenching to watch them drive away for good.  Throw in the fact that Brynn's best friend will no longer be down the street, and you've got one hot mess of a mama!  It totally sucks that I'm losing my daytime drinking buddy, but we truly squeezed every last second out of them that we could tonight.  I give you the love fest:

Brynn drew a picture and a note and put it in the piggy bank we made for Ayden.

Three amigos sharing a drink

Chillin, one last time.

 A silly picture first...
Then this is what I got when I asked for a nice picture.  Butts.

Best buds.

I'm pretty sure Brynn doesn't get the gravity of Ayden moving away...she very innocently asked if Florida was "that way" as she pointed in the direction of Korrin's car as they were driving away.  I'm sure when she realizes Ayden's not around to hang out at a moment's notice, it will start to sink in.  We wish our friends the best of luck in their new home, and we hope they know they always have friends in Virginia Beach.  That being said, there's a great house for rent right down the street from us...won't you be my neighbor?  Just know you can't leave until we do...this goodbye stuff is tough on the ticker! 

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