Project 52: Week 10 - Rainy Day Women

The past two days have given me a glimpse of how much fun this spring and summer are going to be.  The girls are getting older and will be able to spend an entire day on the beach, instead of leaving at noon for naps.  There are a plethora of playgrounds within a five mile radius that will serve as alternatives to the beach.  Heck, there are even playgrounds ON the beach if we're feeling so inclined to have the best of both worlds.  The fresh air and sunshine do wonders for everyone's spirits, and if by wearing those kids out I wear myself out in the process, going to bed early will certainly do me some good.  

Before we had these gloriously sunny days, we suffered through several days of rain.  Steady, soaking, what-on-earth-are-we-going-to-do-today rain.  You do what it takes to keep from going insane, that's what you do!  Here are some suggestions:

Play dress up.  This particular look is called the "Bad Bad Brynn Bandit." 

Take a shower, even if you're not particularly dirty.  I've got first dibs on those cheeks, in case you're wanting a bite. 

Turn Mommy's closet into a reading nook/pillow fort/stuffed animal pet shop/wrestling venue. 

Go bowling.  Get beaten by your 2 year old sister, who happens to be a bowling phenom.

Snuggle with your best bud.  

So there you are...armed and ready for your next rainy day, courtesy of Fancy Fonts!

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