Pixie dust, princesses, and pigskin

The Chinese claim 2012 is the year of the dragon, but for Fancy Fonts so far, it has been the year of the pig!  I've completed three more in the last couple of weeks, and I have another two on deck.  They make a great gift for just about any occasion...who wouldn't benefit from saving some pennies, right?  

I'll start off with Jaylee's piggy, which was a first for Fancy Fonts.  I was told Jaylee's room was being done in a Tinkerbell theme, and I was excited to get to work.  It wasn't until I sat down with a pencil and paper that I realized drawing Tink herself just wasn't gonna happen.  Faces ain't my forte, especially those of the Disney variety!  Thankfully, the customer was ok with a Tinkerbell-inspired piggy, and there was much rejoicing!

Ears the color of pixie dust and shoes just like Tinkerbell's 

I kinda made up this font as I went along.  Seemed fairy-ish. 

Tink's magic wand 

Pretty purple flowers

Next up is Miss Chloe.  Chloe's mom gave me two ideas - princess theme or Littlest Pet Shop.  Since my goal is to make my gifts timeless whenever possible, we went with princesses.  I've made a few princess piggies in the past, so I tried to give this one a style all her own, just like Chloe herself.

Polka dot ears and bejeweled slippers 

You may remember another piggy (and plate set, actually) for another Chloe that had the same font.  I just couldn't help myself...I love how the letters look together!  I should rename it the Chloe font.

Mirror, mirror and magic wand 

Just a frog...for now!

And last but not least, we have a piggy that is more ELIte than Fancy.  My parents' friends are expecting a grandson this summer, and their son is a huge New York Giants fan.  I was more than excited to honor Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning with a piggy donning his jersey.  And see?  You don't even need to know the kid's name to give him some Fancy!

 Facemask!  Note the turf toe as well.

Between this piggy bank and my brother's body, I'm getting a lot of practice painting this NY logo!

Can't spell elite without E-L-I! 

Let's go Giants!

All three piggies above are the large size, and are available for $25, plus tax and shipping where applicable.  Find me on Facebook or email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com with questions and orders.  As I bust my butt to catch up on orders, I'm also trying to come up with a new product for Easter.  Hoping I can get them into the Fancy Fonts family this year instead of next, so stay tuned!  

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