Fancy Fonts just got fancier!

While perusing Facebook is still my all time favorite thing to do while I should be doing something else, Simply Modern Mom is now fighting for the title.  This blog is the reason I started Project 52:  Glimpse into Motherhood, and now it is the inspiration for one of the finishing touches I will be placing on the personalized gifts I offer.  Finally, a great use for all of the scraps of paper I have leftover when I finish a plate set!

I already have some cute brown paper bags for the plate sets, so now the finished product will be handed over in the bag, coordinating gift tag attached (and completed, if so desired).  Still working on the ideal presentation for my big piggy banks, but a coordinating gift tag will be included with those as well.  Simply Modern Mom used brown paper on the tags and raffia to tie it onto the gift, and I intend to do the same...it's just a matter of getting into the attic to find that big roll of brown paper I have stashed away.  If you would like to purchase these gift tags to fancy up your own gifts, an assortment of 10 tags is available for $3.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook to place an order.

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