Project 52

Well, maybe it's technically more like Project 49 for me, as I am about 3 weeks late getting started on this.  Maybe I can catch up and make it a true 52 anyway. A blogger called Simply Modern Mom started this up, and  another blogger and fellow NRHS alum/Virginia Beach transplant (what a random combo!) called Me Sew Crazy clued me in.  This Project 52 is called "Glimpse into Motherhood," and the idea is to capture a photo every week that represents what motherhood means to you.  So for one post per week, I'm going to depart from sharing my artistic creations with you and share my most precious creations with you instead.  After all, Brynn and Camryn are pretty much the reason I started Fancy Fonts in the first place!  

So here we go, starting with Week 1 of 2011:
This was taken on 1.1.11, and it's what I like to call "starting the New Year off right."  It was the first warm day after Mother Nature dumped a foot of snow on us (extremely rare in the Mid-Atlantic), and we were taking complete advantage of it.  We were in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and we hit the beach to get our toes in the sand, feel the sunshine on our faces, and watch Daddy catch a wave or two.  Wow, I have really small feet!

Week 2
Thank goodness for wonderful big sisters!  Brynn can get Camryn to eat when all of my efforts have been exhausted.  I guess part of being a good mom is using the resources you have available to you to get the job done, even if they're only 3 feet tall.

Week 3
I have the best job in the world.  I hang out with two of the cutest, smartest, and funniest little girls I've ever met, and some days I get to do it without even getting out of my pajamas or putting on a lick of makeup.  However, this job is 24/7, and sometimes I just need an hour or two without my cutest accessories.  This sounds like a job for...Super-Grandmommy!  My mother-in-law has had a lot on her plate in the last few months, but she volunteered to hang out with the kiddos so I could go clothes shopping without them.  The picture above is of my girls, eagerly anticipating Grandmommy's arrival.  Brynn pulled up a chair and perched herself in front of the window, so naturally Camryn had to do the same.  The whole "monkey see, monkey do" concept doesn't always work out so favorably, so luckily my camera was close by to capture a moment when it did!

Want to participate in a Project 52 of your own?  Check out the link below and get started!

Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood

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