Project 52, Week 4

With two daughters ages 4 and 1, much of my day is spent playing referee.  When I see the way other siblings go at each other, I do feel my girls get along rather well by comparison.  However, sweet moments of sharing toys usually turn into tug of war matches, and running laps around the living room usually end with someone being shoved or tripped or knocked over and crying.  Ding, ding ding...back to your separate corners, ladies.  

On our way back from a weekend away, separate corners weren't an option.  Good thing there wasn't much to fight over while strapped in their carseats, so in between catnaps, there were lots of the sweet moments I live for every day.  See Exhibit A below:

This one is thrown in for good measure because it's just so cute!

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood


  1. Oh, that pic of them holding hands is so sweet it almost made me tear up! I'm a sap, I know..

  2. Very cute, My own daugters are 4 and 19 months old, and this reminded me so much of them. It sometimes it is a love hate relationship....but mostly love :)