Project 52: Week 5

I believe a big part of motherhood is celebrating the little triumphs we have every day.  The four year old read her first word.  The 17 month old ate her entire container of applesauce all by herself using only her spoon.  Some days you really have to think about what was triumphant, but I assure you, there was something.

Last week was rough.  I mean, roooooooooough!  The weather was crap, my husband was stuck working late every day, I babysat an extra day, little one decided she didn't have to take a nap Wednesday.  Or Thursday.  Or Friday.  I was feeling extra cranky because all of these factors combined meant I didn't get to sweat out my stress with a run or naptime date with Tony Horton.  It was a week where by Friday evening, anyone in their right mind would have thrown in the towel and ordered a pizza.  Being the budget-conscious wife and mother I have become, pizza was not an option.  What better way to feel triumphant than to have a beautiful dinner on the table when the Mr. got home?  I give you Friday's triumph, tortellini primavera!

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood


  1. I am really starting to value the tiny triumphs! How well put! Sometimes that is all you get, but it's also all you need sometimes too.

  2. Tiny triumphs! I love it! I think most of the country is suffering from the crummy weather syndrome. Doesn't the inability to get outside put a damper on, oh, everything! Kids aren't tired so they don't nap, we are grumpy after seeing our four walls all the time, etc.!