My protege

With my husband being out of town for work this Valentine's Day, I figured it would be a quiet evening at home with my little ladies (whatever their definition of quiet is!).  However, a wonderful friend of mine invited the three of us over to share in their Valentine's Day celebration.  Heart-shaped pizzas, pink cupcakes, pink milk for the girls, "pink" wine for the grown-ups.  I offered to make cute little place cards for the pink table, and recruited Brynn to give me a hand.  She picked the paper for each place card, affixed the heart, and wrote the name on each.  I love how when she puts an extra loop on her N's by accident, she tells me, "That's fancy."  My heart swells with pride this Valentine's Day!

 (OK, so this isn't the actual table at my friend's house, but chances are I'll forget to bring my camera or remember to bring it and forget to take pictures once we're there.)

Happy Valentine's Day from Fancy Fonts!


  1. How adorably memorable for the girls and their momma ;) Happy V-day, Karen!

  2. Thanks, Lori! Hope you enjoyed your day with your sweethearts!