Project 52: Week 7

From the moment my daughter was born, I knew being just me wasn't good enough anymore.  If I was going to be the most influential woman in this little girl's life (as well as the little girl who came along after her), I was going to have to step it up a bit.  I was going to have to try to become a woman I would want my daughters to be one day.  A good wife.  A good mother.  Strong.  Healthy.  Happy.  A woman with the desire to be challenged and the ambition to accomplish something difficult.  A woman who makes her daughters proud.

I initially took up running as a way to shed those last few stubborn pounds of baby weight.  I started running in local races as a way to keep myself motivated to lace up more days a week than I didn't, and it's something fun (yes, I said fun!) my husband and I like to do together.  Racing satisfies my competitive nature, even if I'm mainly competing against myself (my husband runs like a Kenyan and there's no way I'll ever beat him!).  I just completed my first 14K, beating the hefty goal I set for myself by 18 seconds.  I'm running in my first half marathon next month, and I am so excited about this next challenge.  My daughters will be there to cheer me on, and as much as I want to achieve my personal goals for this race, I hope I can achieve my life-long goal of making my girls proud of me.

An oldie but goody...a tiny little Brynn putting on Mommy's shoes:

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  1. Why do you have to make me cry all the time with your motivational mantras? You are completely inspiring and make me proud to be your friend! I wish I can be half the mother my friends are to their kids!

  2. Great post, you are so inspirational! I took up running a little before Christmas and I am actually enjoying it so much. I'm no where near running anything like you but I'm actually thinking about running in a marathon. We'll see! Loved your pictures!

  3. Good luck on your marathon. Visiting from Project 52.